Flight-proven solutions

Smarthaps offers a variety of qualified products for different applications. All of them can be customized and adapted to user needs


Smart High Altitude Balloon.

Diameter 2 meters. It includes a recoverable platform with electronics and communications to control a specific payload up to 2.5 Kg.


Smart Blimp (Dirigible Cautivo de Reconocimiento y Observación – Thetered blimp for reconnaissance and remote sensing)

Length 6 meters. Volume: 12 m3. It includes a gyrostabilized optical camera zoom x32 with remote control from a ground station. Acquired images are received in the ground station in real-time.

s-HAPS (under development)

Smart High Altitude Platform System.

Length: 40 meters. Platform resources for payload: 15 Kg, 100W, S band. Operational altitude 18-24 Km. Endurance 3 months.