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Funded by Ports 4.0 (Puertos del Estado. Spain) Categpry: “ideas”. The objective is to perform a feasibility study for the use of HAPS in maritime applications. The project includes a demonstration flight in the port of Sagunto (Valencia, Spain) with the s-blimp D’ICARO.


Public contract to provide flights with stratospheric balloons for remote sensing in agricultural applications. Client: Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía. Collaborator: Universidad de Córdoba.

s-HAPS aerodynamics and materials

Feasibility study composed of two parts: the first one, to check the compatibility between the external configuration and the high-altitude flight. Performed in collaboration with Universidad Politécnica de Macrid. The second one, to select the most suitable materials to be used at high altitudes. Performed in collaboration with IMDEA Material Institute.


Two years incubation program to consolidate the idea and to validate the business model. It was sponsored by the European Space Agency and the Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d.