Our expertise at your disposal

A complete set of services are offered to cover different needs

Engineering and consultancy

Ad-hoc support for engineering issues during the lifecycle of a system ranging from user requirements till test campaign

Electronics design / manufacturing and software development

Smarthaps has extensive experience in the design of both analog and digital electronic systems, either for conventional or embedded designs. Among the applications we find data acquisition systems, process and control units and communications, intended for on-board units or ground segment.

These developments are complemented by software development of user or embedded applications for real-time systems.

s-HAB based services

  • Data acquisition using stratospheric balloons
  • Flight qualification of new devices up to 5 Kg

s-BLIMP based services

  • Aerial surveillance
  • Communications node
  • Data acquisition
  • Commercial & publicity

s-HAPS based services (under development):

  • Remote sensing
  • Atmospheric research
  • Communications & GPS